The Alternative Assisted Living Story

Discover the history behind our assisted living facility in Flushing, MI

When owner and operator Renea Beutler first opened our assisted living facility, she did so with one goal in mind: to provide seniors with a place where they can continue living life to the fullest, rather than just existing. People don't come to Alternative Assisted Living LLC to grow old. They come to our elderly home to feel young again.

Read the bio below to learn more about our founder and her commitment to providing high-quality senior care. You can learn more about our assisted living facility by calling one of our caregivers at 810-867-4620.

About Renea Beutler LPTA

About Renea Beutler LPTA

In 1995, Beutler started college to become a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) and began working at Genesys hospital in Grand Blac. During her time at Genesys hospital, she worked on the Oncology floor as a CNA. After graduating college as a PTA, she began working in Detroit at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, specializing on the stroke and geriatric floor.

A year after graduation, Beutler accepted a job working at Europe-Pēds. Euro-Pēds is a therapy clinic in Pontiac that works with children who have cerebral palsy. It was the first specialized clinic of its kind in the U.S. She worked as both a PTA helping the children and a promotional speaker for the company.

After working for Europe-Pēds for five years, Beutler went contingent and started working full time at Millennium Physical Therapy. Through that company, she did outpatient physical therapy and home-care physical therapy. Beutler became passionate about home care because not only did it allow her to help people improve, but also to care for them in their home setting.

Beutler then began working for Evergreen Health Services as a full time Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (LPTA), where she continued to work for 13 years. As a home care therapist, Beutler has worked in several different facilities.

Those experiences inspired her to look into owning her own adult foster care (AFC) facility. She dreamt of owning a beautiful home where she'd provide not only the best quality of care, but also the best quality of life. Here, elderly residents would have a home to continue living and not just a place to exist.

In 2018, Beutler's dreams came true, and she opened Alternative Assisted Living LLC. Contact one of our caregivers about our elderly home in Flushing, MI to find out what we can do for your loved one.