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About the owner

In 1995 I started college for Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) and began working as a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) in the Oncology unit at Genesys. After graduating college as a PTA I began working in Detroit at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan specializing in stroke and geriatrics. The following year I accepted a job working at Europe-Pēds. Euro-Pēds is a therapy clinic in Pontiac that specializes in children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). It was the first specialized CP clinic of its kind in the United States. I was a PTA working with children and a spokesperson for the company.  After working for Europe-Pēds for about 5 years, I went contingent and started working full time at a physical therapy clinic in Flint doing out patient and home care physical therapy. I found a passion for home care because not only did I get to do therapy and help people improve but I was able to care for them in their home setting and get a better understanding of their needs. In 2014 I recieved my license (LPTA) and as a home care therapist, I worked in several different facilities which inspired me to want to own my own Adult Foster Care (AFC). I dreamt of having a beautiful home where I would provide the best quality care and where I could incorporate my knowledge and experience to give people the best quality of life. Here they would have a home to continue living and not just a place to exist. In 2018 my dreams came true, I opened Alternative Assisted Living.

Renea Beutler, LPTA 


Alternative Assisted Living LLC