Your Loved One Deserves to Feel at Home

Alternative Assisted Living offers high-quality senior care in Flushing, MI

The decision to place your loved one in an assisted living community isn't easy. How do you know which elderly home offers the best care? Will your loved one feel comfortable with the staff? Will your loved one feel comfortable at all?

Alternative Assisted Living LLC can ease your worries. We understand that people of any age need regular activity and interaction. That need doesn't go away as people get older. Our goal is to provide exceptional senior care at every turn, so your loved one can stay active and remain as independent as possible.

Our elderly home provides plenty of space for seniors to exercise, take walks and spend time with family and friends. As an assisted living community that's accessible for those with disabilities, Alternative Assisted Living will make sure your loved one never feels restricted.

Contact us today to find out more about our senior care services in Flushing, MI. You can learn more about our elderly home by visiting the Our Facility page.

Not your average home for the elderly

Our elderly home isn't a place to sit in a rocking chair and let the world pass by. People who come here have a chance to connect with others and stay lively. We're dedicated to keeping the mind, body and spirit energized.

Elderly people can gain a lot from our care, such as:

  • Stronger communication skills
  • More mobility and flexibility
  • New friends and social groups

Call 810-867-4620 today to secure a place at our elderly home in Flushing, MI. You can trust Alternative Assisted Living to make your loved one feel comfortable, safe and happy.

You can count on our caregivers for exceptional care

Residents at our elderly home in Flushing, MI can expect rich conversation, plenty of attention and frequent activity. Our daily operations are orchestrated by experienced physical therapists who can help your loved one have fun while staying healthy.

Caregivers at Alternative Assisted Living approach senior care from a different perspective than medical nurses. They're committed to encouraging seniors to do daily tasks for themselves. This motivates residents to retain their energy level and range of motion. You can trust our caregivers to help your loved one by inspiring them to help themselves.

Setting Seniors Up for Success With High-Quality Care

Your loved one will flourish in our assisted living community

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